Our team consists of a * m * student pastor in, two secretaries * inside, three community assistants and two caretakers.

PD Dr. Jantine Nierop, Students priest * in

Practice Areas:

  • Pastoral care and counseling of students
  • Proclamation in the ESG and in St. Peter's
  • Organization and implementation of the program
  • Contact groups
  • Management of the business
  • Managing * r * priest in St. Peter's
  • Chairman * r of the Chapter of St. Peter's Church
  • Member of the national church mentor teams relpäd. Students

Anke Riffel, Office and Accounting

Practice Areas:

  • Accounting
  • Organization

Julianne Kirchmayer, Secretariat

Practice Areas:

  • General secretary
  • Management of space occupancy of the ESG and the St. Peter's Church
  • Schlüsselvergabe

Carolin Goebel, Jan-Niklas Stock, Felicitas Nettels, Gemeindeassistenten

Practice Areas:

Carolin Goebel:

  • cook

Jan-Niklas Stock:

  • Mitgestaltung der Andachten
  • Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
  • Betreuung der Facebook-Seite

Felicitas Nettels:

  • Network support
  • Webmastering
  • Maintenance of the homepage

Lucas Gaab, Jan-Luca Lentz,

Practice Areas:

Lucas Gaab:

  • Garden
  • Schließdienste

Jan-Luca Lentz:

  • Technology
  • Lounge
  • Schließdienste