newsletter 04-2015

Good people,

it is not possible, to write on this day a newsletter, without addressing the Remembrance Day. With shame and grief, we are now looking to Auschwitz and other commemorative- and venues. The incredible crime is always before us in remembrance culture of our country. So then become a more thoughtful day today.

Everything has its time, the serious remembrance and reflection, as well as the commitment and the joyful celebrations.

In the past week was again much “Operating”: four sold-out events from the microcosm with a brilliant piece, yesterday then the big party after the equally large concert choir of ESG. Congratulations to all on their outstanding achievements!

On Wednesday we invite you to the Municipal Assembly, also currently runs the election to council. We are looking for a new / a new representative / in the ESG for the chapter of the University community. Who wants, perceive this delegation for two semesters? Or does anyone have a good suggestion?

On Friday, the Chamber Music Circle is to 20 Clock his semester concert in Karl Jaspers House. Cordial Invitation.

On Sunday we celebrate in St. Peter's the end of the semester worship (10 Clock) and then in the evening together with the KHG a final evening – in order KHG-worship 18.30 Clock I will preach the sermon may ESG'ler and will be involved in the liturgy.

And now I'm looking forward to the last Wednesday of the semester, because George and Johanna then will share their wonderful bike ride from Gibraltar to the Arctic Circle and back via the Baltic States to Meissen with many images. Wednesday, 4. February, 20 Clock.

You all good wishes to all,, then what is each time, Hans-Georg Ulrichs.