newsletter 02-2015

Dear Friends of the ESG,

many have experienced the past few days as shocking. The crimes in France were horrible – and the expressions for an open, tolerant and liberal society did well. In this context, I would like to point to the NOGIDA demonstration, from today 19 Clock will be held at the Bismarck Place:

NOGIDA Heidelberg

In the ESG are, as always at the end of the semester municipal elections. If you want to help shape intensively in the future and join in the municipal council, let me or the municipal councils give you a sign. Is then selected from 21. January to 4. February.

After an interesting evening community in the past week, where we have come to know and for our national church rather unusual format of Evangelical Faith, we welcome next Wednesday now a representative of secularism. Our program resulting from:

As in most other Western European democracies church and state are separated in Germany. Due to historical traditions and experiences, the system of "limping separation" between church and state developed, when religious freedom is understood "positive": The state allows especially the independent religious practice by him in accordance with applicable law for all. Representatives of the â € œ € žLaizismusâ other hand seek a strict separation of church and state and request a säkularen State.
Adrian Gillmann Rep is the Secularists in the SPD District Association Heidelberg. Only a few places there are recognized Arbeitsgemeinschaft s â € "in 2011 refused the Federal Executive of the SPD unanimously,, recognize the secularists as internal party Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft.
Secularism is so politically quite controversial – and must not be ineinsgesetzt with about atheism: You can vote for a strict separation of church and state and religious reasons. Anyway, we are looking forward to a lively, perhaps controversial debate with the young Socialists.
Best regards Hans-Georg Ulrichs sends.