newsletter 35-2014

Dear Friends of the ESG,

now the last week of the study this year has started, many plan their trips over Christmas and into the new year. Until Friday, many groups are their Advent- commit and Christmas in Karl Jaspers house and may also look to the past years. To all this,, was in 2014 what has happened, I may be shortness of newsletters nothing to say, but I would like to express my horror but also, that it be so absurd demonstrations like those of the so-called “Pegida” may occur. I will also have difficulty properly, Apply an understanding of the mass of the Mitmarschierenden, for their fears, etc., as politicians squinting dicher Coleur have recently expressed. It is obvious, that you will be guilty of these demonstrations through Mittun.

All the more joyful we may be, that in Heidelberg affects another spirit. Probably the city expected this week 2000 Refugees. You are welcome. Much helpfulness is signaled from civil society – and also the Oberbürgermeister has done during his Amtseinführung.

The ESG is this year with an interesting Gesprächs- Close and evening meeting. Some students of the Alevi university group will be visiting next Wednesday. Within Turkey and other Countries with Muslim tradition live Alevis. They are not fully consistent Religious, The ratio especially for Islam is umstritt en. Wikipedia knows: â € žAleviten not pray in mosques and lay the Koran not wörtlich, but look for the meaning behind the O ffenbarungen. Do not live according to the â € šFünf Pillars of islama € ~, because they consider this â € šSäulenâ € ~ à as "ußerlichkeiten. This they oppose own mysticism. A key element of their Glaubensau is ffassung of the Mi ttelpunkt gerückte Mensch.â € œ media are Alevis again and again as “most tolerant form of Islam” referred to. The Heidelberg Group of bThe (Federation of Alevi students in Germany) is still rather new. Interreligious dialogue is one of its basic principles.

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.