newsletter 34-2014

Dear Friends of the ESG,

an important look into next week: Those who want to participate in our big Christmas dinner (Exquisite, in a sophisticated atmosphere, about “newcomer 2014”, Contribution is levied), may rapidly get listed in, which is on display in the office or evening is passed around tomorrow. Hurries you, because more than 20 unfortunately unable to attend.

We use the Jubilee morning 2014 again from, if it namely from around the Council of Constance 1414 will go:

Constance offered in the months zurückliegenden an internationally acclaimed exhibition and numerous events. The occasion was a europäisches event of Spätmitt elalters: the Council of Constance. Three Popes, the same time laid claim to the Chair of Peter, a divided Christendom, Conflicts in Europe â € "of these reasons were between 1414 and 1418 in the episcopal city of Konstanz sacred and secular dignitaries to the Council of Constance together. Three objectives set, the Church, what they are with the election of Pope Martin V. only one, the termination of the schism, reached. Reform needs of the church were postponed. The death sentences against Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague are among the triggers of the Hussite Wars, in the 15. Century Europe unsettled. In addition to the theological aspects, political events at the Council played an important role. The present Constance secular rulers precipitated far-reaching decisions, Europe still shape. Emeritus Professor Heidelberger Mediävist. Dr. Jürgen Miethke, is also a member of the Chapter of Universitätsgemeinde at the St. Peter's Church, is more accurate report Refundable en.
And of course we celebrate in advance to 19 Clock our worship and eat dinner together anschließend.
Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.