newsletter 33-2014

Dear Friends of the ESG,

the perceived onset of winter a few days ago lets us experience sensual, that the year 2014 goes with all his life to end – the better, that we with the beginning of the church year already have a fresh start to celebrate Sunday. And in three weeks, the days are already getting longer, in time for the front of the candles and bright Christmas day / s.

On Wednesday we are to worship 19.00 Celebrate clock with the worship team at the ESG choir and then after the meal together a working introduction to the project this semester (Schubert: Mass in E flat major, inter alia,) experience. Those who are not enthusiastic about then, has the possibility, participate in the open community evening in the cafeteria or in the lounge.

Applies now: Who in our exquisitely-exclusive Christmas dinner (Thursday, 18. December, 19.00 Clock), the time under the motto “newcomer Twenty-Fourteen” steht, would like to participate, was soon to add to the list (such. 16 32 30 or, because the number must be on 20 People are limited.

The New Testament teaching text for today's Daily Devotional is too beautiful, not to be mentioned here:

We had affectionately desirous of you and were ready, partially admit with you not only the gospel of God, but also of our lives; because we had won love you. (1.Thessalonicher 2,8)

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.