newsletter 28-2014

Dear friends and friends of the ESG,

ESG seems to be somehow atypical! It is even asserted again and again, people would no longer want to talk about faith and can (but probably about a thousand other things and also intimate). Last Wednesday relaxing with us in a large circle, a very intense and profound conversation about the, which means faith: Personally for us, by Biblical ideas and to ecclesiastical traditions. This was a great start to the semester theme, with which we want to maintain the encounter and exchange with other. Next Wednesday we expect a visit from the Muslim high school group, with which we are so well known by the numerous inter-religious conversations of the past few years. We will learn, what is important to young Muslims to their faith, what they consider to be essential and how they live their faith. It will be exciting, discuss personally shattering and to provide basic and also current issues and discuss common. Start: Wednesday, 20.15 Clock.

And before that, of course, as always 19 Clock prayer in our chapel and then a dinner.

Already an important indication of a wonderful event, namely the New Year's Eve Taizé meeting in Prague. The Christ Church in the city of Heidelberg West again offers a trip there to. All other information can be found in the flyer at

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.