newsletter 27-2014

Dear Friends of the ESG,

what a beautiful semester start! Last Wednesday, the Karl Jaspers house was downright crowded, both the chapel and the hall were actually too small for the many visitors / inside. And on Saturday the sun shone then vied, as we drove with the boats of Neckarsteinach to Heidelberg (and before we could create a whole series of problems out of the way!).

Now we begin this week with the theme semester. I look forward to our discussion under the title “What is 'believe'?” Wednesday we celebrate only devotion to 19 Clock, then we will have dinner and then pick up the thematic discussion.

On two important things I want to quickly point: Yesterday Franz Müntefering was the topic euthanasia on television and tomorrow he is to be in St. Peter's. Who the former Vice-Chancellor talking to the Heidelberg medical Prof. Bardenheuer, want to experience the theologian Heike Spring Hard and Swiss priest Hans Senn, should order 18 Come clock in St. Peter's. “Available death?” – so lautet that Title. Hardly a socio-political issue and is currently already so intensely debated for many months as the so-called euthanasia.

And then: On Sunday there will be a rare gospel church services in St. Peter's. It sing Joyful Voices from Mannheim, Peter Gortner is music and I try liturgy and preaching. A strong “Visit” I would of course be very happy.

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.