newsletter 26-2014

Dear friends and friends of the ESG,

today! Today is the day.

Once the semester has begun for many on Monday, our choir already met and here and there a large “Hello!” were, begins for the ESG tonight really the WiSe 2014/2015 with the semester opening night: 19 Clock prayer, after an evening of soup and groups and food and circles – and all this under the heading “Name”. And if anyone ever 'what of “bus stop” should have heard, he or she would not wrong, but could support me a little …

To come therefore would already be wise, because the evening you can subscribe to the participant list for the kayak tour on Saturday today.

In, and then of course Sunday semester opening service in St. Peter's – this time with the ESG-choir and Helmut Schwier.

Good wishes for a successful semester start of Hans-Georg Ulrichs.