newsletter Ecumenical Fellowship

Dear Friends of the ESG,

Please share the invitation of the Ecumenical fellowship with all, which could are eligible:

Ecumenical Fellowship

The Ecumenical Fellowship of the chapter of the University community / Peter Church is to 1. September 2014 reassigned and for the duration of not more than 12 Mona-ten. It includes the amount of 250,00 € mo-natlich.
The scholarship supports students from countries with low gross national product, which are usually available before the completion of studies.
Application forms in the student rectory office, Plöck 66, be collected.
The request must reach the 29. July 2014 be provided.

Evangelical University community, Chapter of St. Peter's,
Plöck 66, 69117 Heidelberg, Tel:. 06221 – 16 32 30, Fax 06221 – 61 90 80