newsletter 20-2014

Dear Friend / inn / e n / ESG,

on Sunday there was a happy ending, Now on Wednesday follows a tragedy, namely King Lear by Shakespeare.


In the announcement of microcosm states:

Actually, King Lear has done everything right: Instead of rule until his death, he prepares the transfer of state power to his daughters. But what is to prevent subsequent inheritance disputes, ends in disaster.

To find out, like the land to be divided, Lear asks his daughters, how much they love him. While Goneril and Regan swear him inexhaustible and never-ending affection, refuses Cordelia, his youngest daughter, take part in this drama. Incensed and no longer in full possession of his judgment Lear banished until she followed his faithful servant and adviser Kent, implores him, to reconsider his decision to abdicate.

Hardly have Goneril and Regan took power, they start so, to incapacitate her father. The commitment, pay for his maintenance and that of his hundred knights strong bodyguard, pull it back.

While Lear soon not even have a roof over your head, threatens to disintegrate the country ...

Our performances in Heidelberg

  • Wednesday, 16. July 2014, 19 Clock
  • Thursday, 17. July 2014, 19 Clock
  • Friday, 18. July 2014, 19 Clock
  • Saturday, 19. July 2014, 19 Clock


And on it goes with the culture on Sunday evening, when to 19.00 Clock ESG choir will make its big concert with Italian choral music in St. Peter's Church.

In the announcement it says:

During the summer semester of the ESG Choir invites you to a serene A-Capella summer concert under the title "Makes a Song - Chormusik aus Italien"A. Are listed, among other works of Gastoldi, Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Allegri and Verdi.

The concerts take place on Saturday, the 19. July 2014, one 20 Clock in the monastery church Praise field and on Sunday, the 20. July 2014, one 19 Clock held in St. Peter's Church Heidelberg.

And Sunday is also the end of term service at 10 Clock in the St. Peter's Church; Heidelberger Bach Choir will shape him musically.

I look forward to numerous encounters at the end of semester! Welcome, Yours, Hans-Georg Ulrichs.