newsletter 19a-2014

Dear Friends of the ESG,

what an incredible night is behind us: Only the concert of the Chamber Music Circle (Thanks a lot!) and then a football game for the history books! – Yet: The disasters on this earth have no end: military and terrorist violence in Israel and Palestine (, continued wars in many parts of the world, a mass exodus across the Mediterranean, threatens to be in the Italy of Europe abandoned. All this and much more is: Of course, we can look forward and enjoy life, but we need to make this world and must never let up, stand up for peace and justice. Also I am very thankful, that several human rights groups are with us in the Karl Jaspers house guest for many years.

Tonight, the ESG meets the Municipal Assembly. We look back, start with the election of the municipal council (Candidates already five available! Wonderful!) and make the upcoming semester. To “Reward” waiting for a special dessert at the end of the municipal assembly on us.

After two years dedicated Sarah will be leaving us as an employee. She has the IT worked absolutely great, engaging beyond the ESG and in the contexts of St. Peter. 1000 Thanks!

Through Sarah's departure, we are now urgently looking for 1. October, a person for our student caretaker team, which can serve these IT.

And finally, we are pleased with our former councilor and current representative in the Chapter Kerstin, which is getting married on the weekend. God's blessing wishes all ESG team and also determines the whole community.

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.