newsletter 15-2014

Dear Friends of the ESG,

where and how you have spent the really hot Pentecost? On holiday, in the outdoor pool (supertoll: the swimming pool in Neckargemuend!) and / or in the Church? It is then not infrequently spoken of the miracle of Pentecost and of the Pentecostal enthusiasm, merely because we see where miracles in terms of faith and church, where we learn enthusiasm? Quite a few more likely to have a critical look at the institution of the church and are abundant desillussioniert. Given the presence of some ask: What future will have the church and what actually? The recently published fifth church membership examination of the Evangelical Church in Germany seems to confirm a lot of negative trends.

Time so, after-Pentecostal to speak of the Church! We expect tomorrow, Wednesday a special guest:

11.06.2014 | 20:15 Clock | Gemeindeabend
Church in Heidelberg Possible future perspectives
Like all large organizations are also the churches in a long reform process. Available concepts always grab it and back to the sociological studies members, whose youngest just has caused quite a stir. The local and regional existing environments have been taken in the new Focus. The Evangelical Church in Heidelberg takes part in these reform processes and has about at the coverage offered "courses faith" to the model regions in Germany. Dr. Dekanin. Marlene Schwöbel-Hug will discuss possible future perspectives.

After a very moving evening with the transition-town initiative last Wednesday now again something, which can move right and touch.

As of Thursday, the World Cup runs. More and more critical tones were, with regard to the circumstances in Brazil, but otherwise with regard to the FIFA and their behavior. Even the President has eminently critical expressed in a large Bouilevard Newspaper. In addition you will no longer simply ignore so in the future. – Until the 13. July, So almost to the end of the semester, are still the clocks tick a little different. And we in the ESG Tap, View foosball tables and occasionally games together.

Despite and because of World Cup: Welcome to the Karl-Jaspers-house! Hans-Georg Ulrichs.