newsletter 14-2014

Dear Friends of the ESG,

is it you, and you also so: So much has a, so much so Different. Sometimes you do not know anymore, where one of the head is.

Late last week there was the scare, that 3000 People in one (!) Day from the Mediterranean Sea have been rescued from Italy – good news, that they have been saved, a disturbing, how many people are on the run. Are we doing (I? our country?) enough for the refugees? / Then the weekend came with the feast of bishop change our country church – many people (I also!) looking forward to the new Bishop Cornelius Jochen Bundschuh. May his blessed his term. / And this morning I struggled for hours with some other with and about the new church membership examination of the EKD – were some of the last large-scale strategies chosen the wrong church? If you want to know more:

In the ESG, it will go next Wednesday also a whole package of issues:

transition-town Heidelberg
Never heard of it? A small number of motivated individuals within a community begins to merge, because it haunts the same concern: How can our community respond to the challenges, caused by peak oil and climate change? Here, the transition model is applied, to move as many residents to participate in an energy transition initiative. The goal is a community, jointly undertake its inhabitants all possible efforts, one o.g den. ecological problems defy. The purpose of a comprehensive and creative process with the aim of, understanding of resilience ("Resilienz") and promote community engagement. Representatives of Heidelberger transition-town initiative will take us on the way.

You are cordially invited to this evening. A 19.00 Clock we celebrate devotion, then eaten dinner together. The lecture or. the conversation will then begin to 20.15 Clock.

Although the soon starting WM seems to be under a good sign (the local conditions, the social protests, economic injustices – and the German team is not yet in form. Trostgrund: “We” are just a “Tournament team”!) we want to cheer. These Michi has created a prediction game and unlocked:

Please consider submitting one yourself and give your tips from.

I look forward to our reunion. And otherwise I wish you ever inspiring Pentecost!

Welcome, Hans-Georg Ulrichs.