newsletter 21-2013

Dear Friends of the ESG,

a motivating kick semester is behind us. Last Wednesday we were pleased not only by the large number of visitors in the ESG of the semester opening night, but also and especially about the many new faces. Welcome! On Saturday, we were incredibly lucky with the late-summer weather, that our kayak tour of Neckargemuend to Heidelberg had to be a great experience. With 14 People because we are swarmed – which is determined not to be the last time, that we are the children of the kayaks- have borrowed from the Heidelberg and youth work Evangelical Church. And finally we could yesterday a nice Sunday worship service at the beginning of the semester celebrate together – there again many new faces.

This week we start with the semester topic – and as!!! A guest is the most famous Heidelberg theologian:

23.10.2013 | 20:15 Clock | Gemeindeabend
Jesus von Nazareth – Fragments of a biography
Critical studies on the life of Jesus presented in 18. Century to the beginning of the historical approach to biblical writings represent. Sealed gab Narrow G.E. Lessing “Fragments of an Unknown” out, which led to a major public debate. What can you actually understand as historically reliable information on the life of Jesus? And it can be something like a biography of Jesus reconstruct? Are “Gospels” a form of biographical narrative? Or remain only fragmentary pieces? Prof. Dr. Gerd Theissen has a whole life researchers intensively dealt with the life of Jesus and the author of several standard works. He will give us a fascinating insight into the current thinking.

That will be an exciting evening, especially for non-theologians.


Two discussion groups, I refer:

Tuesday it's off 18.30 Uhr by Karl Jaspers’ Book “The philosophical belief”.

Thursday at 18.00 Clock instead of the Bible Discussion.

It is worthwhile, to visit the Karl Jaspers House.

Best wishes from Hans-Georg Ulrichs sends Plöck.

P.S. Unfortunately, we are probably on Saturday victim of a major theft. Unfortunately, this is the price, we have to pay for an open house. It's really annoying to.