newsletter 16-2013

Dear friends and friends of the ESG!

Final sprint! Some are still in full stress, Other already enjoy the congratulations of exams passed. Some groups and counties have their semester-climax already behind (about microcosm – again with fantastic performances!), another is pending.

For example:

To be spiritually attuned to the ESG choral concerts, should be the celebration of a evensong, an Anglican evening prayer, do not miss next Wednesday. Our choir will receive this week visit of an English choir of Durham. Together we will celebrate Wednesday, 19.00 Clock in the evening service Providenzkirche (which is of course just a few meters from Karl Jaspers House) – which is then simultaneously ESG our devotion.

After the service we meet us 20.30 Clock to a community meeting in the Plöck 66. We want to keep looking back to the current semester, also plan and especially the new.

Concerts of the two choirs will be held on Saturday night in the monastery church Praise field (and marvelous pleasure!), Then on Sunday in St. Peter's Church (one 19.00 Clock).

On Thursday, the chamber music invites guests to a graduation concert: one 20.00 Clock in Karl Jaspers' House.

On Sunday, the end of term service will be held in St. Peter's Church (with the Bach Choir), on Wednesday in a week, the final joint celebration with the KHG in our garden. To the latter, then next week in the newsletter.

Have fun Hans-Georg Ulrichs.