newsletter 14-2013

Dear Friend / inn / e n / ESG,

after a pretty full Peterskirchen weekend we are launching into the final weeks of the semester ESG. But first, thank you all, who participated in the first community festival at the St. Peter's Church on Sunday yesterday. More than hoped for have come up after the service to invite a leisurely feast on the east side of St. Peter's. That was nice.

Due to an omission on my part is the thought for the day community meeting has to be postponed. And since we officially 14 Must invite days ago, is now only the 17. Juli in Frage. So we hereby invite the community meeting on Wednesday, 17. July, a. The exact time we want to discuss. The agenda hangs out and about in the Karl Jaspers House.

On Wednesday there will be a fine evening: Fabrice will bring us closer to African Spirituality. Matching we want to eat african. For many years, ESG Fabrice is known in many, therefore we look forward to this evening and over the many guests, which we may expect tomorrow.

Otherwise you should get this week a deep breath, before the end of the semester with Premiere Theatre and concerts and barbecues will then fill us. I look forward to the next three weeks!

Warmly greets Hans.