newsletter 8-2013

Dear Friends of the ESG,

that was it again really crude: Over the long weekend went very many movies on TV – and very many of them were pretty brutal. Even when zapping through we saw a lot of blood and Fatalities. Apparently, the people process in art and entertainment (not to mention the news all), that we live in a world, in which there is pretty much evil. But when all is said in our religion, that man is a sinner inclined to evil, immediately breaks a shit storm of indignation from. Multiple journalists and other people have, who have read the Heidelberg Catechism on the occasion of his anniversary for the first time, herumgemault to me, but something that could no longer say – today!

Oh! I thought. First, one would have but once free of ideology analyze the present and secondly, read the Catechism poor spelling out until the end and if possible even a few times by Ah to Zett. Next Wednesday I will try to show, that you just can not help thinking for a realistic perspective on the people then very optimistic man reformatorischerseits, just then, if you do not let God out of the game. “Homo heidelbergensis” – I do not mean the bones, have been found long ago in wall, but the image of man, wie es im Heidelberger Katechismus enthalten ist. Darüber dann mehr am Mittwoch ab 20.15 Clock in Karl Jaspers' House, Plöck sixty-six.

After a very well-attended Pentecost service now I am looking forward to the service with three baptisms and preaching by Gerd Theissen on Sunday in St. Peter's Church. And as part of the weekend and the samples tempered Choir will sing in this church.

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.