newsletter 7-2013

Dear Friends of the ESG,

now we can get a little back “breathe”: Heidelberg has the church-state ceremony and the exhibition opening to the Heidelberg Catechism managed and celebrated the last major celebration with the Americans on Sunday. We can breathe again after this week, two times: the one interrupts the long weekend our Geschäftigkeiten (and the student / inside even really long free), the other, the Spirit of Pentecost provides us with hope renewed vigor, neuem Esprit, new breath.

Wednesday there will be new insights into the human condition in the context of our semester topic. There Mediziner Prof. Draguhn is on 15. Mai um 20.15 Clock come to us:

The human brain and its
With new imaging it is always better possible, the brain think watching. More accurate we can say, in which thoughts, Ideas and decisions which part of the brain is involved when. These new findings raise the possibility fundamental issues on: How free is our will really? Artificial intelligences can also gain an awareness of how we? And the meaning of those questions - and possible answers - for our people image? With Prof. Dr. Andreas Draguhn, Professor of Neurosurgery- and sensory physiology at the University of Heidelberg, we address these issues together. After an introduction to this exciting area, there will be ample opportunity, to discuss the implications for our humanity.

On Thursday evening, everyone is invited to Bible Discussion Group, to the 18.00 Clock takes place in the library.

An indication can be taken on an exciting event of the Catholic school community:

Thomas Großbölting is a historian in Munster and has just completed a book on the history of religion in Germany since 1945 published. He will be next to Doinnerstag 20.00 Clock in the Edith Stein House on this issue speak under the title “God in Germany”, vgl. also / html / veranst / detail.html?&m=27338&vt=1&anc=a715825&tid = 715825

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.