newsletter 6-2013

Dear Friends of the ESG,

somewhat exhausted, but our church day driver / inside of Hamburg are also met come back. Hamburg showed its best side: We enjoyed the sun, the North German wind, thematic events, but also comedy and music.

Because of the Ascension and the following bank holiday will take place next Wednesday evening held an open community, of course, to the devotion 19.00 Clock begins.

From Thursday to Sunday, the highlight of the festivities will be celebrated catechism in Heidelberg: Thu's early TV service in the Holy Spirit, It is an international meeting place, on Saturday afternoon “Staatsakt” with the Prime Minister, the EKD Council President and other VIPs; Finally, on Sunday at 11.00 Preach the clock Baden bishop in the Holy Spirit.

We sincerely invite you as well to the services in St. Peter's Church: On Thursday at 10.00 Clock is worship with Prof. Lamp, on Sunday, 12. Never, Hanna Reichel keeps the sermon; after church we say goodbye to their, since they moved to Hall.

Already, I refer to the very interesting lecture as part of our semester topic, Prof den. Andreas Draguhn, Professor of Neurosurgery- and Sensory Physiology, will hold: The human brain and its. The rapidly growing knowledge in neuroscience can be fundamental questions about our understanding of the human condition arise. This lecture, you should not miss!

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.