newsletter 34-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

a few days and then take a lot out of the environment of the ESG in the Christmas holiday – to parents, to partners, to friends. Good, if one may know guarded. Even a year comes to an end. What remains? More bitterness and sadness or gratitude – or just a specific mixture of all of? I'm always good, the Community, we can learn from us: On Monday night, the winds and the choir have had a very nice Christmas celebration in St. Peter's together – Thank you, that I could be there. Very moving and the baptism of a Chinese classmate last Sunday was in St. Peter's.

The coming days will now be shaped by the anticipation for Christmas. Therefore, we invite you to the Christmas baking ESG tomorrow, Wednesday evening: It'll be great fun again determined, together to bake cookies in the kitchen. A 19.00 Clock we start to devotion.

The stupid, announced for Friday doomsday, however, we are playing a trick and ignore it, downright ridicule, by inviting at the same time to a festive dinner. Celebrity chef Soren and his assistant Hans will conjure up a three-course menu – binding registration is however necessary.

Numerous are the services during the coming weeks in St. Peter's:

4. Advent, 23.12.12, 10h: Preaching service with Dr. Jantine Nierop (Sermon) and Dr. Christoph Koch (Liturgy).

Christmas Eve, 24.12.12, 17h: Christvesper mit Prof. Dr. According Sundermeier (Sermon), Rev. Hans-Georg Ulrichs (Liturgy) and instrumental chamber music.

New Year's Eve, 31.12.12, 18h: Preaching service of the year with Rev. Hans-Georg Ulrichs.

Epiphany, 6.1.13, 10h: Communion Service with Prof. Dr. Ingrid Schoberth and music for organ and saxophone (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schoberth) and choral music (Prof. Uwe Lohrmann).

1. Sonntag n. Epiphany, 13.1.13, 10h: Cantata Worship (5. Cantatas of the Christmas Oratorio) with soloists and a choir project under the direction of Tobias hawk and Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwier (Sermon, Liturgy); 11.30h: Matinee.

A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes from the heart

Hans-Georg Ulrichs.