newsletter 33-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

warm invitation to 8. Interreligious dialogue

Politics and religion

in Judaism, Islam and Christianity

by Janusz Pawelczyk kiss Rabbiner,

Elhakam Sukhni M.A. and

Pastor Anselm Friederich-in-law

Wednesday, 12. December

20.00 Clock in Karl Jaspers' House, Plöck 66.

Along with the Muslim student group and the student representative of the College of Jewish Studies

Not a few are currently – not only in Christmas, but – Stress in Unit. Must be running before Christmas and a lot still to be done much. Perhaps it is even more important, several times to pause. Before the Inter-religious dialogue, as always, there are around 19.00 Clock ESG devotion, after that dinner together (Isabells Chili!). And Sunday there is so far a moving church service at St. Peter's, but that we can celebrate the baptism of a Chinese student.

Again the request: Who in our doomsday Dinner 21. December would mittafeln, would have to be signed with us.

Remains protected in all this breathless week. Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.