newsletter 16-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

time for the semi-finals is our foosball table and delivered by some industrious ESG'lern now been established. If you come tonight to worship and to open community evening, can try this same professional equipment. Of course, running from the latest 20.45 Clock and the projector – also tomorrow night, So on Thursday, if Germany lose against Italy- ääääh will play.

Last Sunday we celebrated with a great inspiration in the evening worship service on music and religion. Dabei ließen wir uns von Elvis Presley inspirieren. Getanzt wurde zu Rock ‘n Roll. Very touching was, as we “How great Thou art” singing – An American Hymn, Elvis often sang just before the end of his concerts. – Prof. Manfred Oeming hat nach 14 Years now given overall responsibility for the inspiration. He was thanked sincerely for all the, what he has done with these worship services with and for students.

Moving was the appointment of Hanna Reichel and Carolin Stalter for the ministry of preaching and administering the sacraments at St. Peter's, Today we were celebrating early Wednesday morning in the church.

I would also like to, that we have moved our summer party at short notice. We cordially invite now a Sunday evening, 8. July, ab 19.00 Clock. For more then in the next newsletter.

Best wishes to this wonderful Siebenschläfertag Hans-Georg Ulrich.