newsletter 15-2012

Dear Friends,

finally an evening without football – finally, an evening for the pleasure of thinking, the desire to laugh, the desire for language:

20.06.2012 | 20:15 Clock
"But you have to transfigure everything!“
Fancy thinking, Appetite for laughter.
Hans-Peter Schwöbel is not only a professor in Mannheim,
but also one of the most original comedians in the region
"Schwöbels texts are orchids. The long memory,
which reaches down into the folds of the floodplains in the bends
and congestion of speech melody, is Schwöbels
Hoffnungsort. There we can find food for the
Fight against the mindless. "An Evening with satire, Poems
and Palatine dialect at its best - at a special
Location: St. Peter's Church.

And on Sunday we'll see you in worship with Prof. Welker and / or to the “Inspiration in the evening” (Sunday, 19.00 Clock), when it comes to “King” (of Rock ‘n Roll) will go.

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.