newsletter 14-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

It is really hard, to perform alongside the games of the Championship yet another – or you are one of those, fill their time otherwise than by visits to open-air public-viewing events? Heidelberg is probably the best arena in the courtyard of the stables, However, the tempered opens on Wednesday finally the Karl-Jaspers-Arena.

After the service, to 19.00 Clock and dinner together, we look at 20.45 Clock along the already pre-decisive match Germany – Niederlande im Saal der ESG im Erdgeschoss. Bitte bringt Begeisterung mit, is provided for other.

By the way: Meets in a few days – hopefully – Our foosball table a. You can finally hlstatsx us at.

It is very pleasing, dass wir im kleinen Rahmen unsere Bibelvesper veranstalten können. Every Thursday come around 18.00 Clock for dinner and shared some Bible reading together. Next Thursday is about the history, Paul was appointed as (Acts 9) – because you can always miteinsteigen.

On Saturday, once again stands on an art tour, This time we want to go into the drawing-Engelhorn Museums in Mannheim. Order to plan, We ask you to register.

Even now, I will certainly point to an unforgettable evening in the coming week:

Wednesday, 20.06.2012 | 20:15 Clock
"But you have to transfigure everything!“
Fancy thinking, Appetite for laughter.
Hans-Peter Schwöbel is not only a professor in Mannheim,
but also one of the most original comedians in the region
"Schwöbels texts are orchids. The long memory,
which reaches down into the folds of the floodplains in the bends
and congestion of speech melody, is Schwöbels
Hoffnungsort. There we can find food for the
Fight against the mindless. "An Evening with satire, Poems
and Palatine dialect at its best - at a special
Location: St. Peter's Church.

See you in the ESG! Yours, Hans-Georg Ulrichs.