newsletter 12-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

Thank God the sun is shining – because I was just in the mid-semester blues hit. It does not create all the, what has been done to, sometimes just bad luck comes to, that things are going exactly as planned: because you can then make an appearance to but not, A seminar proves to be a damp squib, for an examination can not take it … I had much on the 4. Peterskirchen dialog pleased, but then quickly got the message, that Günther Beckstein before the NSU-committee of the Bundestag must answer questions and can not come, still had the short-term political journalist Beatrice von Weizsäcker to cancel for health reasons. Just bad luck – and happiness we had, unfortunately, not over the weekend in various experiments, The event still on “save”. In short: Invested a lot and nothing came out. Do you stay in such an experience somewhat limited.

Morning, Wednesday, we look forward to an already traditional event:

23.05.2012 | 20:15 Clock | Gemeindeabend
7. Interreligious dialogue: Art and religion
In the ESG, it is a good tradition, seek dialogue.
In collaboration with the group of Christian-Muslim
Dialogue takes place each semester an interfaith
Conversation rather than. Representatives of the Jewish,
Christian and Muslim faith have focused
often dealt with controversial topics. This time
to the semester theme taken up and on the role of
Art will be discussed in the religions.

Starts at 20.15 Clock in the hall of the Karl Jaspers House. I am pleased, reunite with our Muslim friends and girlfriends.

Sunday is not only the “Birthday” the Church, but a feast day for St. Peter's, As we celebrate a baptism in church. And the preacher will Gerd Theissen!

All those, a few days traveling, All good wishes for a happy homecoming and go to the reunion. Yours, Hans-Georg Ulrichs.