newsletter 11-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

last Sunday was in a matinee after Peter Church Worship Benita Joswig their project “books writing” passed to the manuscript department of the University Library. A few weeks earlier, she had opened with a lecture on the relationship between art and religion, our thematic semester.

Next Wednesday, 16. Never, It goes on with the visual arts – But in a special way. The Neckargemünd artist Volker Glatz has been painting for some time after talks with his wife over images on this sermon texts. Now he will show us some of his works, then come to us with a quotation from the Bible this week (2. Mose 3,14 – who wants to prepare itself), and then to paint a picture before our eyes. Arts live and up close!

On Saturday, the ESG is on tour – one of the most exciting and inspiring museums in the region, namely Technoseum to Mannheim. We will meet at 11.00 Clock on Karl Jaspers house and then go off on a bicycle. [Who does not want to ride a bike or can, can then meet in the museum – Please check with me]

Because of the holiday on Thursday, I point to two church services: On Thursday preaches Prof. Tanner, Prof am Sonntag. Strohm. Warm invitation to also.

And next week there are two special events, one should remember ever: Wednesday, 23. Never, finds the 7. Interfaith discussion held, where it will go to the role of art in their respective religions, on 24. Mai is apparent that 4. Peter-church dialogue: Sven Giegold, Founder of ATTAC and current MEP, is u.a. with Guenther Beckstein, the former Bavarian prime minister, discuss new developments in society and changes in political culture. That will not be allowed to miss.

Best regards Hans-Georg Ulrichs sends.