newsletter 10-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

the term has picked up speed. All are busy with their issues and events, and studies with different exposure. The first decisions are made: Which seminar will be attended to at the end, which was abandoned on the other hand, who sings in the choir, and which piece of the theater group will work in much more. I wish you all a lot of strength to.

In a beautiful church service last Sunday was the new chapter of the University community introduced. It shows a lot of new faces and is rejuvenated.

This week, we invite you to a special event:

09.05.2012 | 19:00 Clock |
The move into the life of faith
Earlier this year celebrated Dr. Gerta Scharffenorth their
100. Birthday. As a refugee from the East and only
mother she had after the Second World War
first difficult years, was then a librarian
Employment in Heidelberg, the study was the Protestant
Theology, and ended it with a Ph.D..
For the EKD church and world organizations, she was a sought-
Assessor. 1970 she was the first woman in the Council
EKD elected. Together with the theological house of studies
We invite you to an interview with this impressive
A personality.

The event, a partnership between ESG and TSH, begins on Wednesday at 19.00 Clock in Theological Study House (on the north side of Old Bridge, Brick houses highway 2). In the ESG will be held this evening no service. The evening closes in TSH but with a little prayer.

The worship service this Sunday will u.a. put together by students of the TSH and the choir of the ESG. After the service, Dr. Benita Joswig their long term art project “books writing” and think about it enough in a small ceremony of the Heidelberg University Library Handschriftenabteulung.

Even now, I point to the garden party of the tempered: You will on Saturday, 30. June from 19.00 Clock held.

For the volleyball tournament of the Christian churches and residences on 6. June, we are still looking for volleyball players / inside. Please register!

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.