newsletter 6-2012

Dear Friends of the ESG,

The semester break is nearly over. Many students are now on the road again. Who but the beautiful spring and enjoys currently spent in Heidelberg, is cordially invited

to worship, for dinner and the holiday meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, 28. March at 19.00 Clock in Karl Jaspers' House.

Also tomorrow, Wednesday will take place almost immediately after our worship is an important series of lectures. Also I would like to point out (s.u.).

Warm invitation to worship in St. Peter's Church:

Palmarum: Dr. Martin Driver

Good Friday: Prof. Manfred Oeming

Easter Day: Dr. Hans-Georg Ulrichs

Quasimodogeniti: Prof. Ehmann

And then we celebrate the 22. April the semester opening service with the bishop and the Spirited Voices from Karlsruhe.

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.




Christian Taking responsibility in the global competition

Lecture Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan (Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, Berlin)

Gesine Schwan, the 2004 and 2008 candidate for the office of the Federal President, comes to a lecture by the Protestant City Church Work in Heidelberg. She speaks on March 28 "exercise Christian responsibility in the global competition" in the Providenzkirche on the subject (Start 19.30 Clock, Admission 6 Euro, erm. 3,50 Euro).
Europe is a deep crisis. This crisis affects not only the financial markets or the economy. The causes lie deeper. Im Kern geht es um eine Kulturkrise. Zusammengefasst lautet die Diagnose von Gesine Schwan: The Western industrial nations have left over the years a culture of unbridled competition and the consequent irresponsibility. One way out of this crisis, we find only, if we dare the causes holistically taking into view. From such a systemic view, we are currently far. In the lecture of Prof. Gesine Schwan geht es darum, the contribution that Christians and churches to sustainable renewal of the basic social consensus on values, Making institutions and goals.
Gesine Schwan was 1943 Born in Berlin. She comes from a caring family, which belonged to the Nazi Protestant and socialist resistance groups. Gesine Schwan founded 2009 u. Stephan Breidenbach and Alexander Blankenagel the HUMBOLDT VIADRINA School of Governance, which she presides as President.

Providenzkirche, Heidelberg
28. March 2012, 19.30 Clock
Admission: 6 Euro (ermäßig 3,50 Euro)

A meeting of the Holy Spirit Church City of Heidelberg