News-Letter 32

Dear Friends of the ESG,

For several years I've been a big fan of the pictures by Fritz von Uhde. He has at the end of the 19. Century numerous biblical scenes painted while preaching a kind of little people's Gospel. Particularly impressive about his paintings of the Holy Night: There's not much to see Great, but a lot of grief and pain, especially simple life. That's what I had to think again, there with me in the past few weeks somehow Christmas in a special way was. Shockingly, I was often confronted with the situation of pregnant students or single mothers – if they do not come from EU countries, they lack a protective environment. I acknowledge with thanks, that authorities and endeavor, not least, the Student, To give assistance. But it can be seen with the Christmas story in mind already alarming, what it means, as a pregnant woman in a strange environment “to find no shelter”.

Surely you have experienced and your beautiful worship, which led up to Christmas. Last Sunday was St. Peter's is fully occupied, the Wednesday before we saw a beautiful blessing for children in the ESG, and on Tuesday I celebrated earlier in 500 until 600 young people to the worship of the Advent Christian campus groups in the Holy Ghost Church.

Today, Wednesday, there is the ESG community last night of this year. In addition to prayer, Baking cookies and dinner there is a theme party to “Christmas” give.

Christmas Eve come together to worship the university community, namely by 17.00 Clock in St. Peter's; Prof. Lamp will make the worship and preach the sermon. On Altjahrsabend I'm off with a communion service (Start 18.00 Clock).

Many students and teachers will not spend Christmas and New Year with us on the Neckar. Therefore, I must now all a Merry Christmas celebration and – until we meet again – sheltered wish days.

God bless! Yours, Hans-Georg Ulrichs.