newsletter 26-2011

Dear Friends of the ESG,

in a FAZ read one comment on Reformation, that Protestants “been placed by Pope Benedict in Erfurt as provincial petitioners” were. Is this really the collective memory: here the representative of the (!) World Church, there some verhuschte existences from the province?

Certainly, the memories and the consequences of the Pope's visit will be described and differentiated not unilaterally negative. And certainly it is worth, over and over again talking about ecumenism and even better, to be in ecumenical dialogue. I am therefore very, that we share with the Catholic campus ministry for tomorrow, Wednesday, 9. November, one 20.00 Clock into the Edith Stein House, Neckarstaden 32, can invite, wo mit Prof. John Albert Ehmann and lamp, two proven experts in ecumenism is to encourage and be with each other and with the audience in conversation are. – Reference: The ESG-worship is held in advance as usual, namely 19.00 Clock, eliminated after the dinner, because we need time to go home to Edith Stein KHG.

In recent days, there were two very different, impressive encounters: Last Thursday, a small group of ESG, the clocks in the studio by Lucian Tanase Bergheimer road 19. Mr. Tanase led a very friendly a bit in the history of timekeeping and mechanical watches, demonstrated with examples, the watchmaker's craft, and also appeared to answer questions about the problems with self-employed small businesses. Well worth a visit. – On Monday we were invited and students from the KHG of the Benedictine monks of the monastery of Neuburg pen. After an introductory discussion led us to the monastery by brother Lawrence, showed the stunning newly renovated church of the monastery, and stood patiently all issues. After vespers at the impressive 18.00 Clock, we were guests at dinner, which in its form – it is silent, a reader reads aloud from the Rule, from a book and the calendar of saints – especially.

This Sunday we celebrate not only to worship as usual 10.00 Clock in the St. Peter's Church, but 19.00 Clock “Inspiration in the evening” – also help warm invitation!

Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.