newsletter semester begins

Dear Friends of the ESG,

before start of next week, the events at both the university and in the ESG again, meet this week already “Erstis” at the different universities and faculties. Bodies meet. Significant new starts.

A few days later the new semester ESG program off the press. It is now distributed throughout. Online is to have it on our homepage. Under the title “Rationality of faith” we can put together an extensive and interesting program. I look forward, when we can welcome you in the coming months, many guests in the Karl Jaspers House. New spaces, new opportunities, New groups, can also discover much proven it in the program.

Are new to our two employees: We are very happy, that with Michael Reinert a good successor for Alex Röth (Name changed) could get, particularly the issues (and solutions) will take care of our computer. He belongs to the team and technology lives in the Plöck 66. As a new community assistant, we welcome you Tobias Fissler, Many well known as chairman of the choir-ESG Advisory Board. Tobi is for us to be active mainly in public relations.

We are looking for new people but still. Sorry, had to resign Mirko Osswald the management of the Chamber Music Circle. If your readers know someone, is interested in this volunteer, then get in touch with me but please. Just would also glad the chamber music group, if some string players join in. The rest of the circle is a semester program.

Also new is the penultimate Schreiter large window in St. Peter's, The past week could be installed. It shows the “Heavenly Jerusalem”. During the semester opening service on 17. April will be the subject of this window. To two other church services, we may also invite:

This coming Saturday will be to 19.00 Clock a prayer service for the Heidelberg half marathon give. Dr. Henning Horn of the faculty of theology will make him responsible. Because of the start of the half marathon then the service on Sunday until about 10.30 Clock start. The sermon considers the study director of the Theological Study Centre Dr. Heike Springhart.

And of course, take place Wednesday – then now for the last time – the holiday instead of meeting. A 18.15 Clock is devotion, after dinner. From the start of the summer term, we then celebrate the devotion to 19.00 Clock in our chapel.

Cordially greeting / Your Hans-Georg Ulrichs.