newsletter 8-2011

Dear Friends of the ESG,

I hope, that you all have a good Easter weekend, may spend. If you were in Heidelberg, you know, that here the weather is very pleasant and the service attendance was quite encouraging good. Anyway, we have a lot, grateful thinking back. This also appears to, if you look in the diary of ESG, hold that now since Sunday, the days to Pentecost. Just look at once to the ESG homepage.

Our Taizé travelers have returned safely last night and also reported an impressive Easter with 5000 Peers.

We look forward to beginning our substantive work on the semester theme. After worship (19.00 Clock) and dinner (19.30) tomorrow, Wednesday, Prof. Joachim Weinhardt speak from the University of Education Karlsruhe on scientific thinking and Christian Faith. As Mr. Weinstein has published a lot on this subject, This is definitely a richer and more interesting evening.

On Thursday it will launch a new offer “Tonight's talk about God”. Here you can get all the language, what about faith and about God anyway wanted to be a long time or go. What a burn now particularly under the nails. We want to try it, to identify particularly salient issues of Christian faith and establish relationships within the biblical and church tradition. Cordial Invitation: Thursday, 20.00 Clock, in the library of ESG.

A warm greeting from the Karl Jaspers your house / Your Hans-Georg Ulrichs.