newsletter 7-2011

Good people!

I hope, that you have enjoyed the last week. Of course there was also stress, to get re-organized life on campus – But it was not wonderful, meeting all the familiar faces and get to know new people? In the ESG-Haus, it has certainly grumbled quite nicely. Yesterday we celebrated in a packed church on the start of the semester with a Mass and then still had a very nice coffee and cake, had the student council organized theology. And in these minutes, in which I write this newsletter, rehearsing for the second time this summer term of the ESG Choir – As always in a large ensemble.

Holy Week is the most important week of the Protestant liturgical church year. Therefore, I must particularly inviting to the services. On Wednesday, we take the Maundy Thursday and consider a little advance in the ESG devotion to 19.00 Clock, the painting “Communion” the scandalous painter Fritz von Uhde. Good Friday is like Easter Sunday Mass in St. Peter's to 10.00 Clock. Who created the Easter Vigil larger and celebrate ecumenical, is Saturday at 21.30 Clock in the Holy Spirit Church correctly. There takes place the first part of the common Easter Vigil of the old city of churches, the end we will celebrate in the Jesuit Church.

Some starts now. As previously announced, we start Easter Sunday with the electronic diary of ESG. Who still wants to join, , please subscribe to the list, circulating in the groups and at events. On Wednesday after Easter, we begin with the semester theme and then on Thursday a new discussion group (look in the next newsletter).

We begin at – resolved spontaneously – with the barbecue season! Now on Wednesday we strive for the “community open evening” our garden grill for this year into operation. Please bring something “Grilling” with – is provided for salad and baguette.

And who else again – naturwissenschaftlich – would look in the sky, which are not only as “Tip”the “Heidelberger half this World” recommended. The Institute for Astronomy of our university offers in connection with the Uni-day anniversary a very charming short talk on a fascinating subject of astronomy at – and that in St. Peter's. The visit of this series is really good – obviously you have taken with this format, the bull's-eye. Also: Is there a second Earth? Big Bang? How low can you look in the universe and what is the greatest, what you get to see you there? – These questions and many more astronomers know to answer. I was certainly thrilled by today's talk.

A thinking-worthy Friday and then a blessed Easter wishes Hans-Georg Ulrichs.