newsletter 6-2011

Dear Friends of the ESG,

Today there is to be particularly cordial invitation. On Wednesday, the ESG will start for the semester. The prayer starts at 19.00 Clock in the chapel, then we invite you to the community evening. We want to eat and drink together and talk. The groups and circles, present themselves and we refer to changes in the program through. Starting tomorrow night, then the library is available as additional space for all available – an area without cell phone, Laptop computer and talk, So a room, to check focus or relax.

We cordially invite you then to the opening of the semester on Sunday church services, a. In a special service is Theo Sundermeier the new window Schreiter “Heavenly Jerusalem” imagine. After the service there is opportunity, in the hall and the garden of the house ESG's invitation to follow the student body in theology and another to drink and snack “big hello” to have the semester start really.

I look forward to many meetings! Warmly greets Hans-Georg Ulrichs.