Newsletter 50-10

Dear Friends of the ESG,

Now is the season of Advent so late, that we can look over at Christmas. Many students now have envisaged, when they drive home from Heidelberg, others have organized, when will be during the holidays, perhaps even as a little winter vacation between the years or in the first week of January. Interesting, exciting and hopefully filled days await us.

Also religious we come ever closer to Christmas: The concerts are joyous and solemn. Yesterday I had a beautiful service of the Student Council of HIV / AIDS. Religious College of Education in the beautiful chapel of Albertus Magnus dormitory mitgefeiert. Many studis were committed and many were the invitation to the advent evening service followed. Similarly, many other groups and circles us in the house will take place the Advent or Christmas meeting. For this I wish you all much joy.

Morning, Wednesday, the worship of the ESG obtained by a special character, by the evening meal is included in the service. A 18.15 Clock we start, celebrate and eat, then to bake Christmas cookies together. Baking skills need not have been previously acquired – Here everybody can mitbacken! I would be surprised even, if tomorrow night is not very funny, walked in the kitchen!

The service on Sunday, the 4. Advent, contains special liturgical music something special, namely, one baptism. Baptisms, we celebrate not so often in the University Church – more beautiful, that this is possible on Sunday. The year 2011 stands throughout the EKD in the topic “Baptism” – plans are underway, This year we also can assist with a thematic event. The last window Schreiter, the still to be installed, Baptism is dedicated and is a Sunday, of Baden in the Church of Baptism will be devoted, can probably be introduced after its installation in July.

In “other Advent”, a spiritual guide through the Christmas circle, I found a few days ago a nice call, the Advent season to make:

Embrace a dry soul / it's not her lack of warmth.

Caress a stupid head / appease an angry drip /

come in the way of a community / pastime with imagination the void /

and make the old new again / up close and with fire.

With these words of Peter Härtling we salute all of the ESG readers of the newsletter and wish a merry Christmas and a good start in a good year 2011. May our paths cross in the new year and often run parallel.

Welcome, Hans-Georg Ulrichs.