Newsletter 49-10

Dear Friends of the ESG,

“look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near” – with the word Jesus from the Gospel of Luke we started this week. There is so much to look at the Advent, the head is filled with all the, what before the “Hard” needs to be done. Whether something is leisure, to prepare for Christmas and to be happy?

While it next week, we already have the ESG-Christmas service will be (15.12.) and have the groups their celebrations, will go again this week to something quite important in the Christian faith. We are very, get that tomorrow, Wednesday, a lecturer at the University of Education Heidelberg to us in the community evening. Dr. Adelheid von Hauff, are also members of the synod of the Evangelical Church in Baden, will reflect with us on the issue, “as God is”. In theology it is called the “Properties” God. A very central issue, as immediately evident. I would be very happy, when we can welcome this evening many people: Wednesday, 8. December, 20.15 Clock in the hall of the Karl Jaspers House.

Be all greeted warmly by Hans-Georg Ulrichs.