Newsletter 48-10

Dear Friends of the ESG,

Last week I had a very impressive experience: Prof. Strider had invited us into the glass construction company Derix to Taunusstein, see the next church window is already in the making. A group of university community (not least the commitment of “Open Peter Church”) and the ESG is made Thursday on the trip. During a tour was through the work of artistic craftsmanship, and then explains the process. Who would have guessed, that the artist needs so many steps, to get to the draft? And who knew, that the artist also present during the production of virtually every operation is? How much astonishment provoked the statements of workers and employees at the plant, the handles were! It requires many masters and experts, to produce such masterpieces. Anyway I know once our new church windows estimate, because I understand a little the months of work, contained in it.

Work can be something very fulfilling and satisfying. Sometimes we see only, if not possible to work, the importance and value of work. Our office is due to illness until 13. December closed, so that much work lies must remain. Please check back later, if it can be done promptly by then not all. All are reciprocated.

Volunteer work takes place many, in the groups and circles, in the house and at the University of. Next week chapter and ESG council. Since some invest many hours for our community. Thank you very much!

I may invite a short reminder to today's theme night: After church and dinner today at 20.15 Clock, the German Requiem by Brahms presented, perform the ESG-chorus twice end of January is. This is not just the singers invited the choir!

Next week, with Dr. Adelheid von Hauff, a lecturer at the College of Education we will be guest. It is – in connection with our semester theme – on “Attributes of God” speak. As we call God? What we write to him? What does it say of God? On 8. December at 20.15 Clock will go to it so very important question of the Christian faith.

Essential is also the hope and expectation to the Christian faith. The theme of the 2. Advent is then the expected re-(an)Coming of Jesus Christ. A special emphasis during the Advent season. Invitation to Worship, the music of “Vocalis Handschuhsheim” is accompanied. Who the 2. Advent then will fully enjoy music, the attention is drawn to the motets of England, the “Camerata Carolina” then to 17.00 Clock will perform in St. Peter's.

Best wishes from Hans-Georg Ulrichs sends Plöck.