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Welcome to the ESG Heidelberg!

Dear ESG community,

due to the corona pandemic and the ordinances of the state church are unfortunately still no regular events in the ESG stattfinden. The conditions for opening the house are currently being examined, we will inform you in good time via the homepage and the social media mentioned below.

Of course, we at ESG would also like to be there for you during this time, as best we can. Therefore you will find all offers here, which we can currently provide with the recommended minimum distance 😉 We will also inform you about the current form of community evenings here and on other social media:


Instagram: esg.heidelberg

For Spiritual welfare the student pastor Jantine Nierop is still available by phone and email:

If you have ideas and suggestions, which formats ESG could currently implement or which content is particularly important to you, we look forward to your feedback: 

Best regards and stay healthy!

The ESG team

ESG hardship fund

Dear students,

first we hope, that you are all safe and sound!

The current corona crisis is changing our lives more than we could have imagined. Während einige nur auf der Suche nach guter Beschäftigung für die Zeit zuhause sind, haben andere von Euch vielleicht deshalb ihren finanziell eigentlich unverzichtbaren Nebenjob verloren. Damit niemand deshalb vielleicht sogar sein Studium abbrechen muss, wollen wir euch auf den ESG hardship fund hinweisen. Mit diesem können wir Euch unabhängig von Herkunft, Religion oder Fortschritt des Studiums unbürokratisch und schnell unterstützen, wenn Ihr in eine finanzielle Notlage geraten seid.

Wendet euch einfach per Mail an die Pfarrerin der ESG, Jantine Nierop (nierop[at]esg-heidelberg.de). Mit ihr könnt ihr dann persönlich und unkompliziert über die benötigte Unterstützung sprechen.

Bitte leitet diese Information auch weiter an Kommiliton*innen, von denen ihr wisst oder befürchtet, that they need support during this crisis.

Stay healthy and sheltered!

The council

Ecumenical Fellowship

Queergottesdienst: Queerantäne

As in the last semesters, there is also a queer service this semester – fitting with the title “Queerantäne”. This will be on Sunday, 12. July, uploaded to the following YouTube channel:



Neuanfang – Prayer at the beginning of the semester

A podcast of ESG staff and councilors.


The psalm to pray with:

(Psalm 91, 1-6.9-16)

Who sits under the umbrella of the Most High and stays under the shadow of the Almighty,

he speaks to the LORD: My confidence and my castle, my God, I hope for.

Because he saves you from the hunter's rope and the perishable plague.

Er wird dich mit seinen Fittichen decken, and you will have refuge under his wings. His truth is a shield and a shield,

that you don't have to be frightened by the horror of the night, in front of the arrow, that flies during the day,

before the plague, that creeps in the dark, before the plague, which brings ruin at noon.

For the Lord is your confidence, the highest is your refuge.

You will meet no evil, and no plague will approach your home.

For he has commanded his angels, that they keep you in all your ways,

that they carry you on their hands and that you don't bump your foot on a stone.

You will walk over lions and otters and trample young lions and dragons.

“He loves me, therefore I want to save him; he knows my name, that's why I want to protect him.

He is calling me, therefore I want to hear him; I'm with him in need, I want to tear it out and honor it.

I want to satisfy him with a long life and want to show him my salvation.”




A podcast of ESG staff and councilors.


The psalm to pray with:

(Psalm 118 I)

This is the day, that the Lord is doing. Thank the Lord; because he is friendly, and his goodness endures forever.

The Lord is my power and my psalm and is my salvation.

It is a joy to sing about victory in the huts of the just: The Lord's rights keep victory!

The rights of the Lord are elevated; the Lord's rights keep victory!

I will not die, but live and proclaim the Lord's works.

The Lord chastises me heavily; but he doesn't give me up to death.

Do me the gates of justice, that I move in and thank the Lord.

That is the gate of the Lord; the righteous will move in there.

I thank you, that you heard me and helped me.

The stone, which the builders rejected, has become the cornerstone.

It was done by the Lord and is a miracle before our eyes.




We are looking for ab sofort a student representative for Sexton service activities as part of a short-term employment. If you are interested you like logs in Secretariat of the ESG.

Vacancy representation sexton


Julianne Kirchmayer, Anke Riffel

Opening times: The parish office is currently Mon-Fri 8-11 Can be reached by phone. We ask for it, Inquiries and concerns should only be addressed to us by telephone or in writing.

Tel.: 06221 / 16 32 30

ESG in Karl Jaspers House (Plöck 66)

Directions to…

University chaplain in *

PD Dr. Jantine Nierop

Hours by appointment